Image of Stickers!


£1.75 - £6.00

These stickers were created through the amazing support of the Kickstarter backed book - Secrets!

Spoiler alert they turned out great. They are 10x10cm with a glossy finish so will look dashing wherever they are placed.


If you order before Christmas I'll throw in an a5 print and 4 stickers!

Here are the Royal Mail sending dates to ensure you get your item before Dec 25th!

Thursday 10 December
Canada, Cyprus, Malta

Friday 11 December
Greece, Eastern Europe
(except Czech Republic, Poland and
Slovakia) and Turkey

Saturday 12 December
Czech Republic, Finland,
Italy, Poland, Sweden, USA

Wednesday 16 December
Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland,
Ireland, Netherlands, Norway,
Portugal, Slovakia, Spain,

Friday 18 December
Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Monday 21st December

Please note this is an estimate only and I will do everything I can to make sure your order gets to you as quickly as possible